Instructional Facilities


Size of the Library cum reading room 1185 sq feet.
The library has separate reference section/Journals section and reading room Yes
Number of books in the library 17122
Total number of Journals 8
Total number of Perodicals 3
Total number of Magazines 3
Number of encyclopaedias available in the library 4
Number of Daily News Papers being subscribed 4
Number of Dictionaries 50
Seating capacity of the reading room of the library 100


Number of Computer system 40
Number of Projector 1
Number of Laptop 1
Number of Printers 3
Number of scanner 2
Number of video camera with tripod 1
Number of still camera 1
Availability of Internet & Wi-Fi Facility Yes
Accessibility of Internet facility to students Yes
Number of CD/DVD ROMs 200
Educational Software Facilities including TV Available

Language Lab

Science Lab

Science: Glass slab-3, prism-3, convexo-concave lens-5, convexo-concave mirror-3, plain mirror-5, tuning fork-9, pad-2, horse shoe magnet-4, bar magnet-4, Devy’s safety lamp, magnet needle-3, dip circle, Newton’s disc, gold leaf electroscope, plug key-3, electric bell, periscope, kaleidoscope, specific gravity bottle-4, pith ball electroscope-2, calorie meter-2, centigrade thermometer-2, ammeter, volt meter, dry cell-3, Fahrenheit thermo meter, Mariner’s compass, variable current controller, cork pressure, spherometer, lens stand-4, lens pin-3, screw gauge, tip ket-2, resistant box, Nicholson’s density measurement apparatus, Aneroid Barometer, spirit level, pulley-12, slide calipers, ebonite rod, dynamo model, cork driller, spirit burner-2, measuring cylinder, copper & zink plate, right angle prism-2, survey compass, survey field compass, drawing board-6, Fortin’s barometer, stop watch, over-head projector, traveling microscope, physical balance, petromax slide projector, kit box, gas jar-11, gas jar lid-12, flat bottom flask-12, conical flask-7, beaker-8, test tube-103, pipette-42, burette-4, thistle funnel-3, wolf bottles both types, basin-2, beehive self-4, Bunsen burner, spirit burner-3, bell jar, retort-2, condenser, round bottle flask, porcelain basin-3, crucible porcelain, wire net-11, tripod stand-6, watch glass-8, test tube holder-5, big stand-6, spatula-6, blow pipe-3, deflagrating spoon-2, desecrator, brush, file, cork, glass pipe, litmus paper red and blue, filter paper, chemical balance, dissection box-2, plain slides, slide cover(round), circulatory system model, digestive system model, heart model, eye model, microscope-2, chart-87, charts and maps-21, globe-3, silver nitrate, sulphuric acid, HCL acid, nitric acid, formaldehyde solution, copper follings, bar magnet, horse shoe magnet, filter paper, copper sulphate, spirit lamp, calcium oxide, sodium hydroxide, ammonium chloride, lime water, sodium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, sodium hydrogen carbonate, calcium carbonate, tub, magnesium tape, measuring flask, potassium mixture, cupric sulphate, Calcium hydroxide, graphic powder, ammonium sulphate, potassium nitrate, sodium hydroxide, zink sulphate, sodium metal, phosphorous red, silver nitrate, magnesium ribbon, single super phosphate, sodium citrate, iodine crystal, magnese chlorade, potassium chloride, phenolphthalein, sodium acetate, potassium ferrocynide, copper oxide, sodium carbonate, zink metal ,chloroform, acid acetic glacial, bromine water, xylal pure, cone HNO3, muriate of potash, con H2SO4 , litmus solution, potassium dichromate, aluminium chloride, ammonium chloride, lead nitrate, urea, calcium sulphate, magnese dioxide, sodium bicarbonate, potassium chromate, ammonia fort, zink carbonate, marble pieces, potassium chlorate, copper sulphate, ammonium nitrate, plaster of paris, sandal wood.

Mathematics Lab

Psychology lab

Rao’s School attitude Inventory, Educational Interest Record, Vocational Interest Record, Mathematical Interest Inventory, Vocational Preference Inventory, Non Verbal Concept Formation Test, Verbal Concept Formation Test, Group Test of Intelligence, General Mental Ability Test, Non-Verbal Intelligence Test, Adjustment Inventory, Anew Test of Study of value, Teacher Efficiency Test, Teacher Effectiveness Scale, Depression Scale, Teacher Value Scale, Extroversion-Introversion, Anew Test of creativity, Multi-dimensional personal Inventory, Multi-dimensional Personality Inventory, APRC comprehensive Attitude Scale, Reasoning Ability Scale, Youth Problem Inventory, Anxiety scale, Clinical Case Study, Ball’s Adjustment Inventory, TAT-Uma Choudhary -with 25 Record Blanks, Short Term Memory, Long Term Memory, Ranking Scale, Rating Scale, Rao Achievement Scale, Bhatia Battery Performance Test of Intelligence, Mirror Drawing Apparatus, Finger Maze, Human Maze, Memory Drum Hand Operated, Tachistoscope with cards, Steadiness Tester, Gaton Bar, Finger Dexterity Board, Attention Board, Muller Lyer Illusion , Colour Preference.

Health & Physical Lab

Items No.
Old white Jersey 21
Red Yellow Jersey 10
Pants 23
Old Brown Jersey 14
Old White Jersey 19
New Yellow Jersey 12
New Blue Jersey 15
Dark Yellow Jersey 12
Old Shirts 2
Discus 3
New Discus 1
Small Short put 1
Big short put 1
Javelin (Girls–6, Boys– 4)
Polo Stand 1 set
Stand (High jump) 2 set
Wood for Long jump 1
Victory stand 1
Old Flag 2
Old House Flag 4
New House Flag 4
Big Black Flag 1
Big Pink Flag 1
Small flag for ground (Red–4, Green – 4)
New Small Flag for ground (Red–6, Green –7)
Rope 1 Bundle
Skipping race rope 14
Tug of war rope 1
Thread Needle 4
Ribbon 4(Red-2, Green-1)
Spoon 18
Marble 39
Relay Baton 4
Masal 1
Lezim 45
Football 1
Volleyball 3
Volleyball Net 3
Pump 1
Chess & Chinese Checkers 4 set
Eight in one board games 1 set
Eco Business 1 set
56 games (56 Fun-filled games in one box) 1 set
Carrom Board 2 set

Art & Craft Lab

A Set of wood working Tools Available
Raw material and Equipment for Toy Making Available
Raw material and Equipment for Doll Making Available
Raw material and Equipment for Dress Making Available
Raw material and Equipment for Puppetry Available
Material for Preparation of Charts Available
Material for Preparation of Models and other Practical Activities Available
Stationery (Chart Paper, Mount Board etc) Available
Tools like Scissors, Scales etc. Available
Cloth Available